beyond tellerrand Berlin 2019 – personal recap ? ❤️

I had the chance to join the wonderful beyond tellerrand Berlin 2019 conference last week. So here is a little blog post about it. The venue of beyond tellerrand berlin 2019 The beyond tellerrand berlin 2019 had to look for a new venue since the Admiralspalast closed its doors. The new venue Festsaal Kreuzberg was a very good choice for the conference. Perfect size, stylish, even with a great...

Apple Pay with Face ID vs Touch ID – a UX point of view

Since December 11th 2018 Apple Pay is finally available in Germany. In this post I won’t write about the pro’s and con’s of Apple Pay itself. It’s more about how to use it “in real life” with your iPhone. So here a few words about the usage of Apple Pay with Face ID vs Touch ID. Installing Apple Pay Unfortunately my bank doesn’t support Apple Pay yet...

Beyond Tellerrand Berlin 2018 – a superb experience

This year I was able to attend the Beyond Tellerrand conference the second time in 2018. After the conference in Munich where I attended as a volunteer I had the chance to attend the Beyond Tellerrand  Berlin 2018 edition. This time as a “normal” attendee. I attended with 3 of my co-workers and our company paid the tickets, travel costs and hotel for us. I confess it is nice when you...

Ampersand Conference 2018 in Brighton – a recap

Two weeks ago I fulfilled 2 of my wishes: visiting Brighton, UK and attending the Ampersand Conference. And in short this is how it was: ?❤️? The Ampersand Conference 2018 As I stated in an earlier post, I bought the tickets for AmpersandConf very early, so I was lucky to get one of the super early-bird tickets. The conference was held at the awesome Duke of York’s Picturehouse which was opened...

Confessions of an emoji lover ❤️ ? ?

emoji – I love them ? For a lot of people emoji are the most useless things across the whole internet. Every time there are announcements of new emoji a lot of people shake heads and write “… don’t they have better things to do… childish… only for kids…” and so on. I think different. I love to see (new) emoji. ❤ Originally meaning pictograph, the...

Typography love – Ampersand Conference 2018

It’s an Ampersand Conf again in 2018 The Ampersand conference is one of the conferences I looked at secretly for quite some time. A conference about typography. Typography is a secret love of mine. I do admire typography but unfortunately have no real knowledge about it. I know I should as I call myself a “designer”. (And I still feel unkomfortable when I call myself a designer...

Conferences in 2018

I set myself a few goals this years. One of them is to visit more conferences in 2018. Preferable conferences in a few different countries. A so called web conference about the internet, design, UX, online marketing and everything in common. If you don’t want to read the whole post, you can see the conferences I will attend or I am interested in attending by clicking this link. List will...

Here it is – my blog!!

? Yes. I really made it. I set up a blog. Phew. Layout and styling is not ready yet, but I wanted to publish it anyway. So this time I did not spent too much time with fiddling around technical stuff and design. As you notice, it has no logo yet. Maybe it won’t even get one (unlikely though). The footer looks quite weird on smaller screens. Ah well… I will look up for this things the...


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