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emoji – I love them ?

For a lot of people emoji are the most useless things across the whole internet. Every time there are announcements of new emoji a lot of people shake heads and write “… don’t they have better things to do… childish… only for kids…” and so on. I think different. I love to see (new) emoji. ❤

Originally meaning pictograph, the word comes from Japanese (, “picture”) + moji (文字, “character”). Read more about it in this Wikipedia article about emoji.

Currently my most used emoji

Here are the ones I used most during the last months. All in all it seems, I am a positive human.

Lately this one is my number one, especially in my tweets:
Seems, I am thinking and wondering a lot in 2018.
BTW: I am thrilled WordPress is converting emoji into SVG using JavaScript. So you see the same on every device which is capable of showing SVG and with JS enabled. When JS is disabled, you see the native version of your OS.  ? They are from the Twitter emoji set which was open sourced in 2014.

Why I do love emoji

When talking with someone face to face or even via phone there is a lot more than only words to understand your counterpart. It is the tone of the voice, the mimic, the way the eyes look. Sometimes it is just a little sigh or a pause. Conversation ist so much more than just words.
Since mobile phones and the internet exist, we are using another way to communicate as well – we “chat”, a text based way to communicate. Of course we used text to communicate since ages like letters or telegrams. But it is different now. We use text chat to communicate (more or less) in real time, everywhere.
But really understanding text chats is not easy. Jokes and sarcasm can be very difficult to understand. Did you ever write something you thought is funny and cute? And your chat partner understood it totally wrong and was furious or sad? Yes. This. ?
I know, it is only a little help. But we can add some “feelings” to a chat using emoji. It started early with using text based Emoticons. Such pictographs as 🙂 try to compensate the fact you can’t see and/or hear your chat partner. At least a bit.
And sometimes it is simply faster to type one or two emoji then typing words.

I really don’t know if this is true but according to a TIMES article “People Who Use Emojis Have More Sex“. ? There is something interesting in this article. It says

…emoji users cared more about finding partners who consider communication a desirable trait.

Communication as a desirable trait. I like that.

Example with different emoji

See how a single emoji can change the meaning of a chat. Here it is without anything added:
You are a crazy person.
Very difficult to guess the right meaning of this sentence. Let’s see how it is with an addition:
You are a crazy person. ?
With the heart eyes emoji added, this is a lovable compliment to someone you like.
But it also can be something completely different with this:
You are a crazy person.? ?
Here the person did something you did not agree with and probably you don’t understand.
Even worse here:
You are a crazy person. ???
Nope. The person and its actions may not be liked at all. It’s probably a nicer way to say “you suck”.


More interesting links

Want to learn more? Here are a few interesting webpages!

I am not the only one who is obsessed.
Fun and interesting talk of Cal Henderson:

Webstock ’17: Cal Henderson – Emoji for fun and profit from Webstock on Vimeo.

This one is a very good article which sums up the history:

Emojipedia is THE site, when you want to copy & paste an emoji for your website/post/tweet or when you want to look up for a special one. It made it on my bookmark bar:

Never miss any news with the Emojipedia blog:

And here is the list of the new additions in 2018:

I will definitely use this ones a lot (I LOVE mango):

emoji Smiling Face With 3 Heartsemoji Woozy Faceemoji Mangoemoji Teddy Bear



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