Typography love – Ampersand Conference 2018


It’s an Ampersand Conf again in 2018

The Ampersand conference is one of the conferences I looked at secretly for quite some time. A conference about typography. Typography is a secret love of mine. I do admire typography but unfortunately have no real knowledge about it. I know I should as I call myself a “designer”.

(And I still feel unkomfortable when I call myself a designer – that will be another blog post probably).

And check out the website. I mean check out the HTML and CSS.

Typography of the Ampersand Conference 2018
Typography of the Ampersand Logo

This is the HTML for the AMPERSAND logo. It is not a PNG or SVG, it’s text. It is:

<span aria-hidden="true">

I confess, it felt a bit strange first.

But check out the CSS. The first letter is


The second letter is


and so on.

Every letter is pampered with a unique CSS style. It’s not a font. They styled the rotation of ever letter!! Muaaaaaaaaaah.   SUPER Sexy.☺ ?❤

Yeah, yeah & yeah. I will attend.

There wasn’t a Ampersand Conference since 2015. So I nearly forget about it. So I was excited as I read about it on Twitter.

I went immediately to the website and checked the tickets. I was so early the “Super Early Bird” tickets where still available. So I did not think about it further and bought a ticket. Right after I bought it I had this slight shiver and thought “.. uh.. oh.. it is in Brighton, UK… how to get there? I hope I get a free day? … can I afford it.. my English will be good enough?…”.

Thankfully sometimes I do things impulsive without worrying about anything. And for 2018 my resolution was/is to step out of my comfort zone and learn. It is a tiny step, I know.
I am really looking so much forward to attend this conference.

I know I will be the person with the smallest knowledge about typography. And even about web fonts. And about design. But for some reason I don’t care and I am not ashamed. I just want to learn. I want to be inspired. And even I don’t understand 95%, I am happy to carry this 5% percent home.

I am so glad it is one of the conferences I will attend this year.

Tickets for Ampersandconf

You can buy tickets at the Ampersand Conf Website.

Be quick. Until March 7th 12 noon GTM you can still get the Early Bird tickets!

See you there! ?

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February 2018