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Confessions of an emoji lover ❤️ ? ?

emoji – I love them ? For a lot of people emoji are the most useless things across the whole internet. Every time there are announcements of new emoji a lot of people shake heads and write “… don’t they have better things to do… childish… only for kids…” and so on. I think different. I love to see (new) emoji. ❤ Originally meaning pictograph, the...

Typography love – Ampersand Conference 2018

It’s an Ampersand Conf again in 2018 The Ampersand conference is one of the conferences I looked at secretly for quite some time. A conference about typography. Typography is a secret love of mine. I do admire typography but unfortunately have no real knowledge about it. I know I should as I call myself a “designer”. (And I still feel unkomfortable when I call myself a designer...

My PC and MAC workstation – I live in both worlds

I want you to show my both workstations in this post, a PC and a Mac workstation. The idea for this came from the lovely Jon Gall who was asking me about my keyboards as I posted a photo of my socks on Twitter: Question! What are your two keyboards? — – ̗̀ Jonathan Gall ̖́- (@odajay) February 10, 2018 In the linked photo of this tweet you see (beside my Minion socks) indeed two...

Conferences in 2018

I set myself a few goals this years. One of them is to visit more conferences in 2018. Preferable conferences in a few different countries. A so called web conference about the internet, design, UX, online marketing and everything in common. If you don’t want to read the whole post, you can see the conferences I will attend or I am interested in attending by clicking this link. List will...


February 2018