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Yes. I really made it. I set up a blog. Phew. Layout and styling is not ready yet, but I wanted to publish it anyway. So this time I did not spent too much time with fiddling around technical stuff and design. As you notice, it has no logo yet. Maybe it won’t even get one (unlikely though). The footer looks quite weird on smaller screens. Ah well… I will look up for this things the next time.

What is this blog about?

So. About what I plan to write? Good question! It will contain some personal stuff. It will contain lots of web stuff. I probably will write about my travels. So you see, it will be about everything what is important to me. I will try to categorize the posts. So if want to see only web stuff you can choose the “Web” category and don’t have to read all this personal things. ? (<– I love emoji … just saying.)
I decided to write this blog in English because in the meantime I know lots of people from all over the world. So I hope most of you are able to read it. English is not my native language so the posts won’t be in perfect English. And I will probably use too much commas. But hey – I am German. We love commas!

History of

This domain has a history. I own it since September 2002. For a few years I hosted my personal blog here. Years ago I lost the fun in writing blog posts and I deleted all content. But I kept the domain.
From 2004 until 2010 I also wrote a very successful Linux blog under the subdomain (in German). I don’t use Linux anymore and the last real entry was in 2010. The Umlauts are broken and there is no responsive design (I set it up in 2004!). But it’s still online – for historical reasons.

The web stuff

For all the things concerning the web my plan is to write about my struggles, what I learned, what I love and what I hate. I really have lots to learn. As you probably notice, this blog is a Word Press blog. It was the easiest to set up for now.

But my master plan is to make my portfolio website from scratch. I want to code it by hand and I will try to use all this shiny new web technologies of which I have no clue yet. So I guess I have lots to share. Especially lots of struggles. Some of you may laugh about me because you know it all much better than me. Actually most of you! ?


Anything else? Oh yes! Music is one of deepest love and also a category here. I wrote songs and I hopefully will record and publish them some day. I started already but at the moment everything is on hold.


I decided to leave the comment section open. For now I have to approve every comment. I will probably allow every comment soon and see how it goes.

You can also comment on my twitter account @SuVeLu

I am looking forward to write posts and read your comments! ❤️



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By suzan


January 2018